Aims and Objectives

To focus on esteem-building projects and healing, through self-sufficiency, for the survival of the Aboriginal woman through cultural exchange and awareness; is a philosophy that is an essential component of Mudgin-Gal.

To move away from the institute-type structure to a more traditional and culturally sensitive framework that can identify Aboriginal women problems.

To act as a referral source for Aboriginal women to access services and information and to develop a women's network for access to counseling, relevant conferences or grant information.

Mudgin-Gal's Community

" The community educational role is of utmost importance given the rise of 'violent living' within our community and the general debate regarding how these issues can be resolved. " Redfern community resident.

The belief that Aboriginal women working together can resolve many of their own issues is basic to Mudgin-Gal. We believe that the responsibility to address family and community issues should be a holistic one and not necessarily the responsibility of women. However, we accept the major role that is played by women in the development of families, and we will continue to work for and with Aboriginal women and their families towards righting injustices, which have been placed on Aboriginal women over the centuries.