Our Services

Mudgin-Gal is an Aboriginal organisation based in inner-city Sydney. As a service run by Aboriginal women, for Aboriginal women, it is unique. Mudgin-Gal means 'women's place'.

Drop in Women are welcome to drop in for anything from a chat and access to laundry, kitchen and showering facilities to a request for information and referrals to specialist healthcare, legal and accommodation support services. These services are used daily by local women, homeless women and the many visitors to the area.

Family support Mudgin-Gal is a natural base for a qualified family support worker who can support women and children in need. Its location, community and government contacts, trusted position and cultural alignment with those at risk ideally suit it for this purpose. While Mudgin-Gal has demonstrated success in this area and has often had such a worker on hand, intermittent and uncertain funding means this vital resource is not always available.

Black Out Violence Mudgin-Gal’s groundbreaking work to address family violence has gained national recognition. Its ‘Black Out Violence’ campaign won the Violence Against Women Prevention Award in 2004 and has since been rolled out – with help from Mudgin-Gal trainers and ambassadors – to communities in regional NSW. The program has been cited by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission as a best practice model for addressing violence in urban Aboriginal communities.

Healthy Family Circle This is a group of programs aimed at helping key women in the community to develop a wide range of mentoring and leadership skills. These women in turn promote their skills and values among their own families and peers. The focus is on education, training for employment, parenting and positive networking with likeminded and talented women. This is an award-winning program run in partnership with Relationships Australia, SDN Children’s Services Inc and Connect Redfern.

Inner City Domestic Violence Action Group Mudgin-Gal is the auspicing body for Sydney’s major metropolitan anti-domestic violence group, which comprises members of some 15 other inner city organisations. It sources and trains volunteers for court support, promotes education, awareness and local support and training workshops for both women and men. It is a first for an Aboriginal group to hold office of this kind – and a further recognition of Mudgin-Gal’s record and expertise in this area.

Marrickville houses Two inner-city houses administered by Mudgin-Gal provide low rental and emergency accommodation for women and families in urgent need of housing. In July 2006, the purchase of a larger, neighbouring property for Mudgin-Gal was organised through the Indigenous Land Corporation. The extensive renovations required to create a modern, purpose-built facility in which Mudgin-Gal hopes to continue and expand its work are currently under way.

Reprinted with permission from the Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Corporation.